A safe pair of hands…

 “When people like you, they’ll listen to you.  If they trust you they’ll do business with you”

– The Trust factor.
Putting your property in the hands of a Real Estate Agent is possibly one of the toughest decisions to make and vendors often feel quite vulnerable at this time.  You’re handing over the keys to your house and you need to know you’re in safe hands.

We’re listening and we understand. We form a partnership with you and we absolutely respect the trust you put in us. We do the right thing even when no one’s watching and we guarantee you’ll be in good hands!

The right advice is crucial!

At Susan Clavin Real Estate we’re at the coal face of the property market dealing directly with buyers first hand. We know what they want and what they’ll pay top dollar for.  We’re across design trends, understand the needs of the different demographics and we know the drill when it comes to preparing your property for market.

So before you renovate, when you are at the design stage or simply considering selling, call in the experts! We can confidently advise you on what to spend your money on to get the maximum return on your investment.  This is all part of the service we provide and a fundamental part of our formula for success – and we love it!


How we live and how we sell are not the same!  Preparing your property for sale and making sure it’s ‘market ready’ is easy for some and challenging for others.  We’re here to help.  We know all the tricks and don’t mind rolling up our sleeves.  We have a collection of lovely styling accessories to jazz up a home that needs a little help and all the right connections to provide hire furniture for those homes that need a bit more assistance.