Susan Clavin Real Estate


Susan Clavin Real Estate started with a vision to create a locally based real estate agency in the area they live, love and know so well.  Their mission was to provide exceptional service with a distinctively local touch that would ensure they stood out from the rest of the real estate crowd.

“To give great service, you must add  something which cannot be bought or measured with money – and that is sincerity and integrity.”

Every member of the Susan Clavin Real Estate team stakes their personal reputation on delivering that every day.

The driving factor behind the move to form an Independent Agency was the result of Susan’s desire to fully implement the ‘unique formula for success’ she had developed over her 15 years in the industry without the restrictions and limitations of the corporate structure.

The mother of 4, Susan is actively involved in the local community and a proud advocate of the Peninsula lifestyle she and her family loveThe energy, honesty and drive she brings to her work has firmly established her as one of the top performers on the Peninsula.  When you love what you do – it shows!

With a modern, progressive and innovate approach in today’s on-line world, it would be our absolute privilege to represent you!